Helpful hint for young children with speech-language delay:
Correct pronunciation in a neutral manner. This gives your toddler the message that you understand what he is saying and that you expect his speech to be clearer. Do not pressure your child to immediately repeat the word back to you.
​If your child says a word unclearly such as "wawa" for "water," repeat the word correctly: "Oh, you want some water."

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Helpful hint for receptive language delay
Teach skills one at a time, check for understanding, break instructions down into smaller chunks and emphasize sequence: first, then, next.
Helpful hint for articulation
Let the person look at your mouth and model word for them.  Avoid correcting, but rather model correct speech. 
Helpful hint for adults with aphasia
Be patient!  If someone is having trouble getting across their point, give them time to think about it!
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Helpful hint for fluency
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Helpful hint for pragmatics
Use role play activities, turn taking activities, use facial expressions and use miming to practice making faces that show different feelings.